Burdastyle lounge pants

Sunday, April 15, 2012 Johanna 3 Comments

Burdastyle (former Burda magazine) used to have such brilliant workout/lounge wear patterns. I haven't seen as much of these in the last few years though. But admittedly I don't check out every issue. This pattern is from nr 11/2008. The same issue has this this top that I made last year. And I will probably make this hoodie in the future.  Instead of regular strings, I used twill tape that I attached to a wide elastic. I love this method and use it all the time, I just wish that I could find the photos that I thought I had taken. Oh well, I will save it for a tutorial later on.

The fabric is stretchy cotton/lycra ribbing. I buy this fabric from Danish vendor Stoff & Stil and the quality is really good, I know this since I used the same fabric for my yoga pants a few years back, and those pants still look great. However, probably due to all this roller derby stuff, I seem to have slimmed down quite a bit in the waist area and the fold over waist doesn't stay up anymore. 

The pattern calls for a lot of top stitching, which is basically what makes the pants special. Always a scary proposition when working with knits. I do have a coverlock function on my serger, but while the the double cover seam is great for hems, I find it nearly impossible to use for curved seams, and the single cover/chain stitch seems a little unsturdy. So instead I used regular machine straight stitching, with two threads in the upper looper. This was a bit of gamble since the fabric is very stretchy. It seems to work though, I did try top stitching the leg seams as well, as the pattern calls for, but that made the seams all wobbly and stretched out. The second downside of using a super stretchy fabric was the eyelets. I did interface the back of the fabric, but one eyelet still popped and needs to be reattached. My mistake was using a stretch fusible. Next time I will go for a stiff interfacing.  

I do hope Burda will make more designs like this. I love making my own workout wear and Burdastyles's patterns often has more fashion forward details than Jalie and Kwik-Sew. 

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March and April - a recap

Saturday, April 14, 2012 Johanna 3 Comments

It's been a while since I last blogged. The reason is a combination of too little time and too much other stuff taking up my head space. I still love blogging but if things pile up, blogging always falls to the wayside. So here is a long recap of what has been going on in my life this last month or so.

I went to a spa which was totally fantastic. It was a wedding present from my husband, the spa was very upscale and gorgeous, and I came back feeling more relaxed than I have in a very long time.

Fresh off the spa I put on my skates and went for a roll with my eldest daughter. I just love skating outdoors.

My roller derby-team had it's first home bout. I worked as a volunteer, the dress code was nautical and I wore my sailor pants that I made a few years back. We lost, but had a blast, over 800 people came which was probably the biggest crowd ever on a Swedish roller derby-game. (Photos:  Rasmus Bonnedal and Katia)

Went through some challenging personal stuff. At times like these I just want to throw my arms up in the air and go "why does life has to be so hard??". I just feel so powerless and lost.

Celebrated Easter. I love Easter, it is such a mellow holiday without any "must do's", I'm off work, there is candy and good food, and the weather is sometimes really nice. 

I managed to fail my second minimum skill test in roller derby. Which officially makes me feel like a crap player, especially since some of my mates passed the test this time. I will keep on training though and I can't say enough on how great this sport has been for me, I love being part of a team effort. (Photos: Villa and Miriam)

The kids had Easter holiday and we went to see The Hunger Game (pretty great, even though parts of the plot was eerily similar to Battle Royale). And on Friday I was off work and we spent a day downtown. My children are growing up. I can really sense that now. 

After our friends has been nagging us for years we finally have begun watching Dexter. We are on season 3 now and while I think some plots are less engaging this season, the series still holds up. It even inspired me to make my first ever key lime pie.

I have done some sewing too, but I will save that for a separate post.

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