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Monday, February 27, 2012Johanna / 7 kommentarer

I fell flat on my roller skates yesterday, and apperently that was enough to crack my lip. I ended up in the emergency room and had to stitch my lip. Not the sort of stitching I am used to and while I tried to keep my cool it was a rather unpleasant experience. The doctors says my lip will be scarred but that it will probably fade over time. It looks much worse in a close up but I will spare you the experience. But now you'll know why I might look a bit odd in future photos!
Fabrics Shopping

Spring/summer sewing fair

Saturday, February 25, 2012Johanna / 4 kommentarer
Luckily I had the Friday off this week and did a quick stop at the Symässan (Göteborg sewing fair). I really do not need more fabrics at this point in my life, but then again isn't that what we always say :)

Italian fashion fabrics, I saw some prints from Just Cavalli, Robert Cavalli's lower prized line.

 Shirtings and some intriguing double faced fabric.

 A great geometric print that is apparently from Prada.

The selection was pretty good this year, though at least two regular fabric vendors were missing and the organizers still insist on letting room for things like mass made jeans (?) and weird cleaning devices like the ones you see on the TV-shopping channels. But the fabric selection just get better and better I think, with more high quality, unique fabrics. For instance I spotted some wonderful and rare linen/lycra knits that I now regret that I didn't buy. But I did buy a beautiful sherbet color embroidered cotton voile.

Can't wait for summer!
Fashion on TV

Project Runway All Stars, some reflections

Thursday, February 23, 2012Johanna / 4 kommentarer

So we are fast approaching the finals of this year's first installment of Project Runway. the All Star version. I have been meaning to blog about this season for weeks, but maybe I just find it hard to get properly engaged in old timers making a come back?

Anyways, what is abundantly clear is that those who stayed in the game the longest during their previous seasons are also the ones with the staying power this year, give or take one or two (Kara Janx comes to mind). The one shocker to me is how well Michael holds up this year, he is much more focused and less aggressive than last time. Plus he is consistently better with his designs. My bet for the finalists this time around is Mila, Mondo and Michael. Though they have all messed up at least once, and I was pretty sure that Mila's aimless design mess would lose last week. I think the rest are too much one trick ponies to make it to the top. Also I really miss Kara, her designs were not up to par for a finalist, but I just love her. And even more so since I saw her on the show All on the line (which I will talk more about another day).

Speaking of Michael and his transformation, isn't it pretty obvious how much nicer everyone gets the second time around? I guess having to watch yourself being obnoxious and conflict seeking on camera has a dampening effect on one's behavior. I guess that is also one of the reason that the All Star version feels a bit tamer and more serious than the regular version.

Who is your favorite?

Made by me work in progress

What I'm working on...

Thursday, February 23, 2012Johanna / 7 kommentarer

A blouse I'm working on at the moment. It will have butterfly sleeves and is made of¨ wonderfully soft eco-friendlier tencel and burnout poplin.

Made by me

Border applique skirt

Saturday, February 18, 2012Johanna / 5 kommentarer

I am crazy about border prints. And I am crazy about black and white graphics. So you can imagine my joy when I found this gem of a fabric at a local shop. The white pattern is actually made appliqued fabric that is stitched onto the batiste with black thread. I did my usual elastic waist skirt, that I have promised to make a tutorial of some day. And side pockets of course. The skirt is lined with cotton voile, since the fabric is a bit on the light side.

When I made the skirt I realised that I have several cushions with an aesthetic that is similar to this fabric, like this black and white one.
Fashion Shopping

Katja of Sweden goodies

Friday, February 17, 2012Johanna / 5 kommentarer

It's pretty great to have a vintage furniture and porcelain fanatic as a colleague. Today he directed me to an auction site that sells vintage mint condition 60 and 70's garment from design wonderkind Katja of Sweden. She is almost like a Swedish Coco Chanel, focusing on easy fitting, liberating garments in simple shapes, often done in knits with strong prints. So for the first time in my life I have bid on vintage garments. Of course the prices will fly through the roof, but at least I have thrown myself into the bidding game.

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Ice glass

Friday, February 10, 2012Johanna / 7 kommentarer

I don't like winter much. And the only thing I really like about winter is skiing, which I don't do anymore. So mostly winter it's just a hassle that makes everything a bit harder. But today when I passed a bridge on my way to work I saw what looked like an ice castle in the middle of a river stream. I had my camera with me so I decided to brave myself down to the river bank. The castle looked better from afar, but I discovered something else instead. Every sprig was covered with the most beautiful ice formations, that looked like they were made of handblown glass.  

How to add ribbon trimmings to a skirt

Thursday, February 09, 2012Johanna / 0 kommentarer
As promised here comes the tutorial on how I sewed the twill tape on to my skirt.  This is a really quick way to attach any type of ribbon to a skirt. The hem should preferably be straight. You can do this on a curved hem too, but it will be a bit harder. The trick is to add the ribbon before you sew the side seams. And if you are careful with the markings the ribbons will line up perfectly.
You'll need: A ruler (the wider the better), a crayon or dress maker pen and a glue stick.

1. Place the ruler were you want to the ribbon to begin and make sure it's 100% parallel to the hem. Add one dot for the lower edge of the ribbon and one for the upper edge.

 2. In the middle of the skirt piece add two more dots. 3. And again on the other side. That is all the markings you'll need, unless the skirt is super wide.

 4,5. Take the ribbon and add some tiny dots of glue. But don't glue the entire ribbon as it can get too stiff and messy. Stick glue is water soluble and great for trimmings.

6. Place the ribbon so that it follows the dots. Secure with a couple of needles as well to keep it in place.

 7. When top stitching use the blind hem presser foot as it makes sewing straight seams really easy. To avoid stretching out the fabric or the ribbon while sewing make sure you don't pull to hard, just gently guide the fabric and ribbon. Also make sure the ribbon doesn't start to slip

8. Voilà. It really is this easy. Works best on non stretchy fabrics that isn't cut on the bias. Also do a test patch first to see that the ribbon doesn't stiffen the fabric too much, unless that's the look you're after.

Made by me

The apron skirt

Tuesday, February 07, 2012Johanna / 4 kommentarer

I have been a bit busy sewing lately. Though not much to show for yet, I am mostly drafting and testing new patterns, but this weekend I finished an apron skirt that I'm really happy about. I have had this design mulling in my head for a while. By splitting up the skirt in two pieces it became pretty easy to add discreet  inseam pockets in the front. The skirt is made from organic cotton twill and decorated with regular cotton twill tape. I got a tutorial in the works on how to quickly attach bands and ribbons on a skirt, while still keeping a straight line. No basting required!
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Deer and leopard

Friday, February 03, 2012Johanna / 3 kommentarer

Last night was dress up time again. Me and my friend Cattie has previously donned both jumpsuits and rock'n'roll outfits as some blog readers might remember. This time the dress code was leopard print. I don't have anything against animal prints, but I never gravitate to them in stores. Luckily a quick lunch stop at the HM store secured me both a leopard skirt and a deer and foxes sweater. I can't really explain my reasoning when I decided to combine a deer print with leopard, but I think it works.

We went to a concert with one of my favorite band Kite. The stage was super small and the venue surprisingly tiny so my friend was able to take a photo of me standing in front of the band while they are setting up the stage. It turned out brilliantly. I was beaming with joy and said to Cattie that this is already one of my favorite photo ever. But then when I got home I discovered that the already faulty memory card had gone completely corrupt so all my cell phone photos were gone :(
But the concert was amazing so at least have that memory to savoir. 

Dominique Sanda

Wednesday, February 01, 2012Johanna / 0 kommentarer

When I first got hold of  the book In Vogue one of the images that caught my eye was this photograph of French actress Dominique Sanda. She is wearing a YSL jacket from his Russe collection and her hair is done in a way that is similar to Veronica Lake's trademark coiffure. Dominique looks absolutely gorgeous of course, but there is something more about her, a seriousness, a certain introspection, that is not always seen in photos of young actors. 

As a feminist I always feel a bit queasy commenting about appearances, but I find the way she looks in these photos really inspiring. So paired down and stylish.

 And it's not a thing of the youth either. I can recommend checking out the Dominique Sanda website for more information about her work.