Yes, I bought yet another summer dress

Saturday, August 04, 2012

I did one day trip alone to Lisbon. Mostly to do the stuff that works best doing alone, i.e. hit the shops. Just like Barcelona and Paris, Lisbon has a fancy tree lined avenue where the high end stores are located. Along Avenida da Liberdade you'll find brands like Burberry, Prada and Louis Vuitton. But getting into these kind of stores where this is a security guard at the door and no visible customers but tons of sales assistants  is just too intimidating for me since I don't have the means to actually buy something there. That is why I prefer department stores for checking out designer garbs. I especially love examining the seamwork, which can truly be exquisite sometimes and very inspiring. Luckily there were some mid price designer stores along the avenue as well, like my favorite Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez. I bought the most brilliant beret from him in Barcelona seven years ago, it's hard to explain how great it was and I lost the hat on the bus a few years ago. Maybe my husband has some photos of me in that beret that I can show you, I wore it all the time when we first got together. 

Anyways I visited the Lisbon store hoping to find something similar, no such luck though, it's still summer after all. But I did find this dress with a nice reduction so after a long debate during which I calculated the remaining vacation budget, I decided that I had room for a little splurge. Plus I already felt frugal since I had just decided not to buy a gorgeous dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs that was reduced by 50%. Though I did send a text to my husband jokingly telling him to say to the kids that it will only be water and bread for the rest of the vacation. What I didn't know was that Anja, my 10 year old, was in possession of his cellphone and ended up reading that text! She had apparently been very concerned about it. Oh well. 

Back to the dress. What made me fall head over heels was all the wonderful detailing, I am such a sucker for those sort of things. Like the piping, the patch pocket with flaps, the epaulettes and the matlassé stitching on the back yoke. Plus the fit was perfect, which is unheard of when I shop for garments by Swedish brands since they all are making clothes for people taller than me. But in Spain and Portugal the women still seem to be rather petite. It's for sale on his website too, now with an even bigger reduction.

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3 kommentarer

  1. Oh my God, that is *so* beautiful!!! Drooling in Oregon over your new dress...

  2. it's beautiful! I adore that piping, and my favorite color is blue. Very impressive dress - well-chosen!