Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring/summer sewing fair

Luckily I had the Friday off this week and did a quick stop at the Symässan (Göteborg sewing fair). I really do not need more fabrics at this point in my life, but then again isn't that what we always say :)

Italian fashion fabrics, I saw some prints from Just Cavalli, Robert Cavalli's lower prized line.

 Shirtings and some intriguing double faced fabric.

 A great geometric print that is apparently from Prada.

The selection was pretty good this year, though at least two regular fabric vendors were missing and the organizers still insist on letting room for things like mass made jeans (?) and weird cleaning devices like the ones you see on the TV-shopping channels. But the fabric selection just get better and better I think, with more high quality, unique fabrics. For instance I spotted some wonderful and rare linen/lycra knits that I now regret that I didn't buy. But I did buy a beautiful sherbet color embroidered cotton voile.

Can't wait for summer!


  1. Beautiful!
    What a nurturing, inspiring way to spend some time a day, or portion, off!


  2. Gorgeous fabrics. How did you ever choose?

  3. Oh my. I'd have had a hard time being so restrained. You are so lucky to have that resource. I'm happy you had such a lovely time. And love your selection.

  4. Beautiful! I'm intrigued by the Prada print. The scale is so large it could be difficult to use but it's so appealing. Your voile is very special too.