Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Runway All Stars, some reflections

So we are fast approaching the finals of this year's first installment of Project Runway. the All Star version. I have been meaning to blog about this season for weeks, but maybe I just find it hard to get properly engaged in old timers making a come back?

Anyways, what is abundantly clear is that those who stayed in the game the longest during their previous seasons are also the ones with the staying power this year, give or take one or two (Kara Janx comes to mind). The one shocker to me is how well Michael holds up this year, he is much more focused and less aggressive than last time. Plus he is consistently better with his designs. My bet for the finalists this time around is Mila, Mondo and Michael. Though they have all messed up at least once, and I was pretty sure that Mila's aimless design mess would lose last week. I think the rest are too much one trick ponies to make it to the top. Also I really miss Kara, her designs were not up to par for a finalist, but I just love her. And even more so since I saw her on the show All on the line (which I will talk more about another day).

Speaking of Michael and his transformation, isn't it pretty obvious how much nicer everyone gets the second time around? I guess having to watch yourself being obnoxious and conflict seeking on camera has a dampening effect on one's behavior. I guess that is also one of the reason that the All Star version feels a bit tamer and more serious than the regular version.

Who is your favorite?


  1. My favorite is definitely Mila, I love her graphic designs, but when she tries to go outside of her comfort zone it never seems to work out.
    I think everyone is very aware of how mean they come off this time around, especially the people that became "villains" last time like Kenley.

    1. Of all the designers I love Milas style best too! Really distinct while being very wearable at the same. Oh yes I agree about Kenley, she comes off much warmer and less full of herself this year

  2. Yes, the series is a little dull but I still watch it every week. Just can't help it. My favourite is Mondo, hands down. But I also like Kenley's stuff. Yes, she's repetitive, somewhat predictable and a bit of a one-trick pony - as they say in reality TV :) - but I just like her style and would wear most of what she makes. Oh and please tell us more about the "All on the line" show. And where do you get to watch all these shows? It's often hard for me to find streamable links and there really doesn't seem any other way to watch this stuff here in Austria.

  3. Michael is my favorite. Maybe it's because he was treated SOOO badly last time. But I really think his design is much fresher this season. I'm over Kenley. I really loved her clothes the first time but this time it's feeling like "been there, done that". If Michael doesn't win, then I hope Mondo does.

    I do miss the judges and Tim. The show feels slow at times without them.