Friday, February 3, 2012

Deer and leopard

Last night was dress up time again. Me and my friend Cattie has previously donned both jumpsuits and rock'n'roll outfits as some blog readers might remember. This time the dress code was leopard print. I don't have anything against animal prints, but I never gravitate to them in stores. Luckily a quick lunch stop at the HM store secured me both a leopard skirt and a deer and foxes sweater. I can't really explain my reasoning when I decided to combine a deer print with leopard, but I think it works.

We went to a concert with one of my favorite band Kite. The stage was super small and the venue surprisingly tiny so my friend was able to take a photo of me standing in front of the band while they are setting up the stage. It turned out brilliantly. I was beaming with joy and said to Cattie that this is already one of my favorite photo ever. But then when I got home I discovered that the already faulty memory card had gone completely corrupt so all my cell phone photos were gone :(
But the concert was amazing so at least have that memory to savoir. 


  1. Try taking out the memory card and then putting it back in, as well as turning the phone on and off. Might save that photo.. and then back it up real quick :-)!