Friday, January 13, 2012

The lure of shopping

Have you ever noticed that once you start shopping it just seem to escalate? I often stay out of the stores, mostly due to not having the time anymore to prowl aimlessly. And then I pat myself on the back, a little smugly, for not having bought anything in a long while. And when the smugness sets in, well it's a sure sign that I'm about to slip back into a shopping frenzy.

It all started innocently at lunchtime on Thursday. I followed a colleague to a sale at the local mall to help him pick out some new jeans. And then, all of a sudden, I was over at the women department checking out the cardigans, which is something that I definitely not need, as I already got about one thousand of them. Anyway I ended up buying this wool fair isle cardigan from Gant. Back at work my thoughts started to drift again and somehow I ordered yet another sweater, which I need approximately as much as I need a new cardigan, i.e. not at all. Then I started to lament on Facebook about my shopping binge as a lame attempt to control the urges. To sum it up: I.Really.Need.To.Stay.Out.Of.The.Stores.

Love the cardigan though!


  1. hehe - I can see myself mirroring your behaviour without any effort whatsoever... Shops are slippery slopes!

  2. that's why I do internet shopping only! It's easy to abandon/empty the cart after shopping your fill!

  3. The cardigan is really lovely! And I understand completely your need to stay away form the shops - I should repeat the same to myself.

  4. Love the cardigan. But yes, shopping can get you into trouble. Periodically I remove all credit cards from the wallet; put them in a sealed envelope and hide them!