Monday, December 26, 2011

A wrap dress

 Yesterday I went for a long walk and began thinking about making a dress for New Years Eve. Not sure exactly how my thoughts led to a wrap dress, but it has been a project I've been mulling over for years and not gotten around to. I love belted dresses, and have several of the shirt dress kind, but have never owned an actual knit wrap dress. I want to do something classic, like Diane von Furstenbergs versions from the 70's. She made at least two wrap dress patterns for Vogue back in the days. The one to the left with a collar is more iconic, but right now I'm leaning more towards the one to the right.

Kwik-Sew has an OOP pattern nr 3408 that is quite similar, but with a more narrow skirt. I downloaded the pattern yesterday, and judging from the reviews on Pattern review this is a really good pattern with minimal gapsosis. Not that I have much in that department to show, but I rather not use a safety pin with this dress!
I was so psyched about buying fabric today that I forgot that it's still holiday today and the fabric stores are closed. But tomorrow I will hit the streets again, though I'm not sure what I want. But I need a fabric that is not super stretchy, especially since the pattern has bust darts.

I'll report back tomorrow!

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  1. I saw this dress made up on Kitty Couture and it looks great.