Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skating to work

This morning I was finally able to do something I have pondered about for a long time, namely skating to work. You need diffrent wheels for outdoor skating since the road is rocky and the wheels has to be soft  in order to handle all the impact. So I bought a pair for cheap ones off Ebay, and yesterday they arrived. Skating outside is a bit tricky because of all the obstacles, especially slopes are hard to deal with since there is no real effective way to stop downhill quickly when you use classic four wheel skates. On the other hand it was way more fun, and less strenuous, than biking and walking, which is usually how I get to work. I did fall once, a pure panic reaction when faced with an unexpected slope which had a 90 degree turn at the end. But apart from that it was a fairly smooth ride. Though I might not do this often, it is a bit of a hassle with the equipment and having to carry extra clothes with me. I have 7km to work and the whole thing took about 45 minutes, which was a bit slower than I had expected.

So did I get many weird looks? I can't really tell actually. Partly because I had to keep my focus on the road ahead to avoid potential hazards. And partly because I've been gifted with the ability to be very oblivious to  the reactions of people that I don't know. 

Anyways it was a fun adventure and it reminded me how much I love road skating.


  1. That's an interesting new idea of getting to work. Never thought of that. But what happens, if you have to go shopping on the way home. I imagine it yould be a bit of a hassle. Do they let people on wheels into shops?! Maybe I'll try the skating to work thing one day...

  2. Yes it would be tricky. Skates are not allowed in most stores and I put my sneakers in the backpack for this reason. Also I plan to take the bus home today. Skating one way is enough! But I can totally recommend it, and it is a good workout too.

  3. I used to skate to BART (rapid transit) all the time, although on in-line skates, not quads. Also used to skate home when I dropped the car off for service. Plus I used to race outdoor marathons, about 12 years ago. Alas, arthritis in my knees has put a stop to it. I'm jealous!

    Re the shopping. I used to carry a small backpack in which I could store my regular sneakers. It was big enough to fit my skates.

  4. I'm impressed. Skating is simply not one of my skills, so I would have to stick with cycling or walking - or jogging. I did cycle the 10 miles to work and back a few times. The logistics of getting cleaned, styled and dressed for work took a bit of planning, but it was an exhilerating way to commute. I remember feeling really wide awake when I reached my desk - ten times more than after just coffee and a metro ride!

  5. I bike to work as often as I can, but I find that after late November it becomes nearly impossible due to cold/snow/ice/darkness. Of course, my commute is a bit longer (17km) but I have to be at work so early that I am doing this primarily in the dark. I am curious - you live further north than I do (I live around 42ºN, in New Hampshire, USA) - does the weather or the darkness impact your ability to commute outside?