Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dress progress report

It's one of those days where I should be sitting in the sofa hand sewing at the moment, but instead there are some serious procrastination going on. At least blogging about sewing feels a little more proactive than some of the other stuff I've been doing this evening.

So all pieces are now cut and I've hemmed the neckline using french bias binding that is attached with hand stitches on the reverse side. As I mentioned before, machine stitching really needs to be kept to a minimum when hemming this sort of lightweight chiffon. Just two rows of stitches and suddenly it feels like there is a metal wire running through the fabric. Also I skipped the idea to make a rolled hem with the serger since it makes the sleeves too wavy. So now everything will be hemmed with bias strips. The sofa and the needle is calling...