Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scissors and headphones don't mix

Since I have my work space in the living room I often use headphones to tune out, either by listening to music, podcasts or tv-shows. But one I day I did something really silly - I accidently chopped off the headphone cord while cutting some fabric.

Luckily for me I was given a pair of wireless headphones as a birthday present from my boyfriend. He thought they would be easier for me, since I move around a lot when I'm working (and perhaps he was subconsciously a bit worried for his old pair of headphones that I began using after the epic cut...). Anyways the wireless are truly great, I love not having to fiddle with the cord when cutting fabric or taking them off when I go to the iron board or head for bedroom, where I store most of my fabrics. The only fiddly thing is that I have to bring the docking station with me when I move the lap top or ipad to another location, since it needs to be attached to the device in order for the headphones to work. But apart from this, wireless headphones are truly a great gadget for us sewing enthusiasts. And no more worries about chopping off cords... 


  1. Wow! As I often use headphones too when I work, I have a lesson to learn from your story :)))

  2. Heh! I would never have thought of wireless headphones as a sewing gadget, but I imagine they're very useful.