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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lots of design and fashion TV to be excited about this fall. Here is a little round up:


Project Runway All stars
At first I was rather thrilled about this format, then I remembered the snooze fest the last all star gathering was. Granted that was a one off, not a whole season, but my guess is that the designers start to behave more tv-conscious and restrained once they've seen themselves on the telly - which makes for a more boring watch. Also a second coming means less newbie excitement. That said, some of my favorite contestants are back, such as Kara Janx and Anthony Williams from season 7. So yes, I will definitely watch this one too. Premiers fall 2011.

Work of Art 
Work of Art is the perfect show to fill in after the regular Project Runway ends. This is the Top Chef/Project Runway for the art world. I enjoyed the first season a lot, as it was really interesting to get familiar with the artist process. And while I'm sure some will disagree, the elimination process felt quite natural in this field too. I mean some art is better than other.

The Rachel Zoe project
I'm sure some think this is a train wreck because everyone in it is totally self absorbed and obnoxious, plus there are quite a few staged moments. But I really enjoy this show. It provides an interesting insight into the world of stylists and this season there is even more fashion, since Rachel Zoe is launching a fashion brand which clearly involves some struggles. Season 4 is running currently.

It's a Brad Brad world (working title)
One of the obnoxious personalities in the Rachel Zoe entourage is getting his own show. We can expect a lot of drama since Rachel clearly has a chicken unplucked with Brad Goreski as he allegedly stole some clients when he left her company. I hope that this show will have more footage from actual pre red carpet fittings, but since celebrities seems totally camera shy when it comes to this, I suspect not. Scheduled later this year.

How to make it in America
Not a reality show, but a well played drama set in the New York fashion world. I really enjoyed the first season where the starring duo tries to start a jeans company based in the NY garment district. I think this HBO-show paints a rather believable picture on how hard it is to hustle yourself to the top. Looks like there will be plenty more fashion story lines in the new season and even a cameo by the multi talented (and crush worthy) Pharrell. Premiers in October.

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5 kommentarer

  1. I'm excited for Project Runway All stars too, I think it will be interesting with a whole season. Did you know there is another Project Runway spin off called Project Accessory too?

  2. Do you get all of these on regular tv in Sweden?

  3. I always enjoy hearing the movies and tv shows you watch. Between your work, family, clothing line, and appearing on Swedish quiz shows, I am not sure how you get it all done!

  4. I am looking forward to watching Project Runway All Stars - and You have been perfectly right - watching it is like a serious addiction.

  5. Molly: I had no idea there was a accessory version, it has not been televised here in Sweden I think. I will check it out for sure!

    Nancy: Yes we do, for instance PR is on TV almost every day right now (reruns mostly). The delay is usually 3-6 months. But that is getting shorter and shorter.

    Antoinette: Oh well, you made me think I seem like a really super busy person :) But I do a bit of multitasking, I like to watch tv-shows when I sew for example. But sometimes it's more like radio since I don's see what is happening on the screen.

    Intensywnie Kreatywna: I love to hear that I'm helping spreading the addiction :) And the best thing is that there are so many seasons, and in several countries, I think there is even a Russian version.