Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Runway - a new season

With new seasons of both Project Runway US and Australia running simultaneously I think this will be a very nice fall indeed. After a few lukewarm seasons of Project Runway US I feel a certain rekindled fire right now. The challenges has been very fresh (loved the pet shop challenge!) and while the cast is somewhat lacking big and obnoxious personalities, the playing field looks fairly even so far, which will make for an exciting season. Here comes a few predictions: 

This seasons funny guy with a flair for a some drama and bitchyness: Joshua 

My two favorites for the top three, Oliver and Anya. They didn't shine during the last challenge and Anya might not be the most experienced in terms of sewing. But they both has the high fashion flair that the judges love. 

Soon to be on the chopping block: Julie. Despite an air of a certain coolness, she just seems to never get it quite right. While I'm sure she's got some tricks up her sleeve, and might even snag a top position in one challenge, she keeps delivering less than promised. Which usually means bye bye.

Who are your favorites this season?


  1. I completely love Oliver! He is a true designer. He always has produces great designs.

  2. Oh, I didn't knew there was a new season. I got tired of finding where to watch it online on dodgy sites. How do you do it, being in Sweden?

  3. Julia: I sometimes use means that are in the gray zone, if you know what I mean ;). But we get also new seasons quickly pretty quickly on TV