Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Foale and Tuffin - Swinging London's golden couple

The 60's is back in fashion. At least that is what the fashion magazines are claiming this fall. I would be very thrilled if this was the case, have been feeling a tad bit underwhelmed with the mass market fashion lately.  Since there might be some 60's revival going on I want to give some attention of a rather new discovery of mine, Foale and Tuffin, who pretty much defined English youth fashion along with Biba and Mary Quant. Not that I can claim being aware of that fact until recently when I came across a new book called Foale and Tuffin. The Sixties. A decade in fashion. 

It's a wonderful fashion book, perhaps one of the best I have ever read, because it is so well researched and jammed with interviews and great photos. It's basically a story of two young working class girls going straight from fashion collage to starting their own line. The quickly gain some buzz, but they also struggle a lot - never really breaking it big like Mary and Biba. Under their rather short lived label they managed to create a lot of really brilliant designs in the vein that I myself prefer; which is everyday clothes, nothing fuzzy or high fashion, but with clever details that makes the everyday grind a bit more colourful and fun. 


  1. I am SO excited to have found your blog and Etsy shop. Consider every item wishlisted! I am enjoying reading your posts and looking at your beautiful work. Thank you!

  2. Aww, Leslie, you are so very kind, thank you!