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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I added a review of the dress, ahem blouse, today. You can read it here. Apparently others have also noted the tight fit of the waistband, and it might even be so that it is made too short, i.e. a pattern error. As for the mishap, I do feel a slight need to remedy my mistake and will probably make another proper version soon. But I will definitely wear the blouse, it works with pretty much everything luckily!

Also dear reader Gail asked about the Burda twist top, it is from an ancient issue of Burda magazine (2005). From what I know they have never made this available as a standalone pattern, and I don't have the original pattern myself, just a traced version since I borrowed the magazine from the library. The proper name is 04-2005-112 Twist Top. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can help with how to obtain this coveted pattern? Or have suggestions on good substitutes. I would like to know this myself as my traced pattern is near disintegration state!

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2 kommentarer

  1. It looks great, and very wearable as a topl! The fabric is fabulous.
    Once and awhile Burda comes out with a fabulous issue or pattern and it immediately becomes coveted and almost extinct. Good luck finding a classic pattern.