Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sewing shopping in Göteborg


I sometimes get emails from readers who are visiting Göteborg and wants suggestions on sewing related shopping. There are not a ton of fabric and notions stores in my hometown, despite it being Sweden's second largest city. But there a few stand outs that I would like to share.

Best notion store
Kyrkgatan 34
This iconic shop is over 100 years old and has looked the same since the 40's. The button selection is amazing and they have pretty much any other notion you could possible ask for. Not the cheapest store in the world, but selection more than makes up for it. The shop is right in the city center on a narrow side street.

Best fabric store
Lagerströmsplatsen 4
A 10 minute tram ride from the city center, this little but well stocked fabric store is worth a visit. The owner and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and customer oriented. And the selection is really diverse and well curated. They source a lot from Danish wholesalers and usually has great deals on high end fashion fabrics. Also lots of basics in many colour variations like linen, boiled wool and knits and a great eye for good prints. The tram stop is called Olskroken and there are plenty of trams and buses going in that direction.

Biggest and fanciest fabric store
Gårda textil
Kungsgatan 7
If you are after beautifully embroidered silk or high end wool suitings from Italy, this is the place. This large elegant two-story store specialize in more fancy fabrics, but there are also a big selection of everyday fabrics. Not cheap, in fact a lot of regular fabrics borders on over priced and I think the best deals are actually on their more exclusive range, which is pretty fantastic. Unfortunately the staff is not always the best, they were down right rude to the girl I made a bridal dress for last year and others have had similar experiences. But still a very special fabric store that deserves a visit.

Best sewing magazine store
Drottninggatan 58
This large magazine store has almost all European pattern magazines, notably all editions of Burda, Patrones, La Mia Boutique, Ottobre and Diana and most sewing magazines like Threads, etc. Plus a massive selection of fashion magazines from around the world. This is were I buy most of my fashion related reading.


  1. I love taking virtual tours of shops! thx :)

  2. Wow.... the photos of all those pattern magazines that are available... I'm drooling! Here in Australia we just have Burda, or you might get La Mia Boutique or Patrones once in a blue moon, and NEVER multiple issues at once.

  3. That magazine store especially makes me want to visit your hometown!

  4. I knew you would drool over the magazine selection :) Granted there were more pattern magazines than usual when I visited, probably a spring fashion thing, but the selection is always good.

  5. Thank you. Will be in Goteberg first part of July. Great list.

  6. I own a lingerie business and have recently moved in Göteborg so this is more than helpful, thanks a lot!