Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's all in the wrapping

Slowly working on updating my wrapping for Floremark. Not a natural package decorator, my sense of flair would probably rate an F, that is why I could never become a scrap booker and such. Plus I like to keep things simple. But you gotta start somewhere, and I'm doing little steps here and there.

Now I'm off to to see if the Cynthia Rowley pattern is downloadable. And thank you for your bacne treatment suggestions. It is still getting better, albeit at a very slow pace.  But I have lived with this for so long and know how much time it can take to see some substantial effects, so I feel pretty patient about the whole thing. 


  1. I don't think your flair for packaging is an F at all, I think it's lovely and works really well with the top.

  2. Thank you, I did get a little help from my boyfriend :) I guess my dilemma is that these things never get to the level that I aim to (but then again I always set my goals way too high). I guess my insecurity comes from seeing super stylish wrappings and never being able to make something similar

  3. Johanna

    I think you are under-rating yourself. You have a nice, sophisticated presence, with a little kick of fun.

  4. Hey, I bought from Floremark for a Christmas present, and your wrapping was EXTRAORDINARY! including a LOVELY card on how to wrap the Infinity scarf.

    You are most definitely undercutting/undermining yourself. Give yourself some slack. you deserve it.

  5. I can't rememeber ever receiving anything "wrapped" that I ordered
    on-line are going that extra step.In todays impersonal mass-producing market your wrapping makes it a very personal and nice touch. Your style is unique and it looks very fresh,clean and with your own flair...certainly not an "F" "A+" from me :)))

  6. I think your packaging is first rate. Beautiful!