Monday, April 25, 2011

Holiday skirt

Top: H&M Divided
Skirt: Who's that girl
Shoes: PF Flyers

I actually started this blog post in August last year. I wanted to show a skirt that I bought while holidaying in Greece. However I never got around to wear the skirt on home turf since the weather turned horribly chilly and rainy.

But these last few days has offered an incredible summer heat, and I've been wearing my summer clothes like crazy, trying to maximize the wear until the chill hits again. And today I wore my holiday skirt for the first time in Sweden. The skirt is from a Belgian brand who, apart from the pretty hopeless name: Who's that girl (try google the brand and you will mostly come up with Madonna references) are a really fun, quirky label with fantastic colours and prints. I first thought it was a Scandinavian label because of the aesthetic, but it turned out I was wrong. In fact it isn't even available here in Sweden from what I can tell from the website, which is really strange, since it looks so much like something many Scandinavians would enjoy, retro, colourful and print oriented.


  1. It's funny to me that you went to Greece and bought a skirt from a Belgium brand. That's what makes it feel like a small world sometimes, no?

  2. I thought it was a new Floremark skirt!

    Really cute, and I have to say, your styling pictures are now FAB!

  3. Cherri: Hehe, the Greek fashion didn't do much for me. Either to frilly or too drapey. So yes I ended up with something else :)

    Lukylibbet: Thank you, that is very encouraging to hear!