Thursday, April 14, 2011

The ex-mother in law dress

My marriage didn't last but I'm still wearing the dress that my former mother in law gifted me a decade ago. It's a 60's dress, home sewn with a lot attention to details and with the one of the best prints I've ever come across. Yes the print is super busy, layers and layers of multi coloured scribbles, but somehow it all works very well together. The designer behind this print clearly had an eye for textures and colour combinations. I would love to find something similar, but have not been successful in my hunt.

My former mother in law saves everthing, so when our children were small they were dressed almost entirely in vintage -they sure looked very stylish in knitted rompers and wrap-around tops with tiny lace collars!


  1. That is indeed an amazing print. Maybe you could recreate it on spoonflower or something.

  2. Wow that's a print that could be used in so many ways with so many things. Great find.

    Yeah, marriages don't last but I hope to keep my friendships that my son helped create.

  3. Adelaide B: I've been really aching to try Spoonflower out, thank you for the idea!

    sdBev: Yes you never know how things will turn out, but usually things work out in the end, even though it might not be like we would have imagined it!

    Unni: I can only agree :)

  4. I love vintage clothes, too. How nifty to be able to dress your children in vintage clothing!

  5. Oh, that dress is gorgeous, that print! It's styled beautifully with your cardie and tights.
    Hey I'm glad you liked Frankie magazine :o) You might like oh comely as well

  6. What an amazing dress. I love the print too!