Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream job e-course - a review

I normally only review fashion related books, movies, and magazines on this blog. But two days ago I ordered an e-course by the founders of Red Velvet called Dream job, that I really want to recommend. I know that some of my readers run indie craft business or dream of one day doing so. There are several books on the subject, like Craft Inc and such, but I gotta say that Elsie's and her sister Emma's on-line guide is the most comprehensive and honest take on running a small biz that I have ever come across. During the last decade Elsie has made and sold craft goods, owned two stores, been a wedding photographer, developed a dress line and been a product developer for a scrap booking company, among other things. And she is like 27 :).

Anyways, the course covers everything from branding, regrouping after failures, product development, marketing, finances and much much more. What I love the most is the initiated writing and concrete examples, this is clearly written by people who have lived through it all. And don't let the "Dream job" title fool you, this is not a fluffy romantic take on following your dreams - the sisters makes no bones about how much hard work they have put into the Red Velvet brand.

The course is basically in a blog format with around 20 topics. Plus several bonus tips and gorgeous photos on top of that. So if you want an honest and inspiring guide to the realities of running a small biz I can definitely recommended this course. Of course not every single aspect is covered, and the angle is definitely focused on their own experiences and product types, but most stuff can be applied pretty universally. So definitely worth checking out if you want to expand your knowledge.

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  1. Hello,
    Im french (& I'm sorry for my english!). I want to create my dream job in France. Do you think i can have idea in the Elsie and Emma e-course?
    Or is it just for american creator?