Sunday, April 17, 2011

African prints

From the LAMB S/S 2011 collection

African wax prints from Ebay seller Tropical fabrics

Sometimes trends are awesome, because I'm reminded of great things that I've forgotten about. Like African prints, that I wore sometimes back in the late 80's but sort of phased out during the minmalistic 90's. Now they seem to be making a comeback and I caved in the other day and bought two yards of wax print for a dress I plan to make.

Hope the fabric will be suitible for the pattern I have in mind - these kind of bold prints doesn't work for everything. But if worse come to worse I'll make some cushions instead, which will most likely drive my boyfriend and children nuts as I keep adding new cushions until there is hardly any seating space left in our sofa and armchairs!

1 comment:

  1. Those are really pretty, I was way to small to be "trendy" in the 80s but I definitely remember wearing stuff like this. Even if it's not perfect for the pattern you've picked out, there are tons of dress patterns that I'm sure would work and look great!