New kitchen, jury duty etc

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is how I looked like last night when I was one of the judges in a rock music competition that was held in the town where I work. It's a fairly prestigious competition, and very non-Idol like.
Music is my number one love and this was a super fun experience, and not entirely easy, we did have some disagreements, but in the end we came to very solid conclusion. 

And this is also a glimpse on how our new swanky kitchen looks like. It's not quite finished yet - I will show more photos once it's done. The star in the window is an ubiquitous Swedish Christmas decoration that comes in many materials and designs. This one is made of paper and we have one in birch bark too. 

Also some answers to the comments on my Topshop post

About the weather
When the photos was taken the temperature was okay, just a few notches below zero degrees Celsius.  However it has been incredibly cold and snowy for the season this year, I live in the south of Sweden and we usually only have snow a couple of weeks in January or February. I heard on the news that we on the east side of the Atlantic got all the cold air this year (and last year) so in North America presumably the weather is warmer than normal?

About the photo
It was taken by my very talented work mate and fellow journalist Sandra, she has taken photos for this blog twice now, so I call her my resident blog photographer :) Unfortunately she is only temping and after January I will have to find a substitute. 

About pilling
Marie-Christine left some great advice in the comment section about pilling, do check it out!

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2 kommentarer

  1. How lucky you are to participate in this kind of "duty". You seem to find some really fun things to do ;)

    I like the colors in your kitchen. From magazine articles these colors are what I envision...very bright and cheery :)

  2. As a dress obsessive, I love that dress you are wearing in the picture. The jury duty sounds fun. The kitchen is looking good - are you happy with it?