Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is a photo of me from 1996 where I am wearing a dress that I made myself. It's a copy of a 30's dress that belonged to a relative of mine. I found the dress in an old house that I lived in for a while. 

I just kept the macramé lace collar (not seen on this photo sadly) , ripped the dress apart (it was already falling to pieces) and then redid it. It's was made of regular acetate lining and even though I didn't feel as confident in my sewing back then, in hindsight I think that this dress came out pretty well. Also notable is that I am actually wearing makeup and that I'm sporting a home dyed version of a 90's staple - bleached skunk highlights. I was pretty particular about wearing period clothes back then, the stockings in the photo are the real deal for instance, I  think they must have been from the 40's. 


  1. Wow, the picture almost looks like a painting. Very nice!

  2. And what about those shoes??? Fabulous all around, Johanna.

  3. What a beautiful outfit.
    You look great in this picture/pose :)