Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mary Queen of shops

Have you seen the BBC-programme Mary Queen of shops? It's like a cross between Hells Kitchen and What Not To Wear. Retail expert Mary Portas visits failing fashion boutiques and help them getting their groove together again. It provides an interesting insight in the making of a successful store. The store owners basically gets a shop makeover and learn the tools of the trade by doing test runs on customers, visiting successful stores and learn how to appeal to customers and build a strong store brand identity. Mary Portas is not as annoying as Gordon Ramsey (no lame break 'em down/build 'em up strategies) but she is firm and brutally honest, and it's clear that she knows what she is talking about.

I found season 2 on a Swedish tv-channel's stream (TV8), I have no idea on how to find it elsewhere (though season 3 seems to be on youtube, but it's not just about fashion shops anymore I think)


  1. I watched season 1 on Foxtel and really loved it. I like her style with people.

  2. That sounds great! I wish we had a show like that.

  3. I saw it for the first time the other night here in Australia. She "made over" a fruit and veg shop - it was great!