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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am currently trying to blog dailyish, so today I decided to do a little tour of The Last Stitch household. In part inspired by the current feature of Fieldguided's This is were I live. The difference is of course that those homes are much more evolved, style wise. While both me and my boyfriend are pretty aesthetically inclined, I guess we don't really have an intense passion for home decoration. You wont find us prowling home dec stores and flea markets during the weekends and none of our china matches, our apartment are mostly about jumble mumble, Ikea and hand-me-downs. 

The gas stove. It will very soon be removed since they are shutting down the gas in our town. To me it's a great sorrow and to my boyfriend it's a huge relief.

The Swedish equivalent of a Formica table. Scored at a flee store over a decade ago. Whenever I see young hip Swedish style bloggers sporting the same table - I feel pretty cool. The chairs are from Ikea, wonderful shape and colour but crappy quality.

Plants. I have a bit of a plant fetish, every window is full and I keep buying more and more. But I always forget to water them and the thought of replanting gives me angst.

Our bedroom. The croquis are made by my boyfriend.

Two in one. This wall system in the kid's room is built by my handy ex-husband. To make a long story semi short, he and I lived here with the kids for 5 years, then we split up, I moved to another apartment, met my boyfriend and when my ex-husband moved in with his new girlfriend, I moved back with my boyfriend so that the kids would still be in the apartment that they grew up in. We have 50/50 custody, which is the norm in Sweden these days, so half the time they live with their dad.

Pillows. My second home dec fetish. The sofa is already crammed so now I am working on filling out the armchairs too. The linen pillow is from Etsy seller La pomme and the arm chair is from Ikea (and is wearing a fabric cover). It's the same model as the sofa, my boyfriend had the chair so when we moved in together we suddenly had matching furniture!

Album dec. My boyfriend put a color matched sleeve collection in the hallway.

The hallway.

Living room lights. My third home decoration fetish, vintage lamps. When my boyfriend moved in he voiced some worries about the electrical safety of my lamps, and while I can see his point, I have never seen a modern lamp that I like.

So that's it. We live in a fairly small, two bedroom, rental apartment. The house was built in the 30's and is a bit of a dump, but the upside is that many original details has been persevered. I do like the way our apartment feels, it accommodating and relaxed. But since I am also a bit of a perfectionist I can feel self conscious sometimes about our less than sleek execution and our domestic messiness. But as I mentioned a while ago, we decided to hire a twice monthly cleaning service, and I can now say it's been a huge stress reliever for us. Plus it has also became very clear exactly how inadequate we are with cleaning techniques, the home now shines in a way we have never experienced before. At least for a few days!

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7 kommentarer

  1. I like it. Very eclectic, warm and inviting.

  2. Thank you RiAnge! Yes eclectic definitely a theme, though it's not always intentional :) Even if our home doesn't look like a spread from an interior magazine I thought it would still be fun to share in all its normality, and I am always curious on how peoples home look like

  3. I liked the tour. My burning question though is why are they cutting off gas service? (pun not intended) Just wondered...

  4. Strictly commercial reasons I think. There are not enough customers anymore, so the provider doesn't make much of profit. I love love the gas stove, but the oven kinda sucks

  5. I have a book on Swedish home design and your apartment looks very Swedish to me. A mix of modern and traditional that I like a lot. YOur dd's room is charming and a perfect solution to privacy for two children.

  6. Nancy, I have never thought about it that way, but yes mixing new and vintage is pretty common in Sweden. And yes I agree, that divider is awesome, and because it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling there is still plenty of light.