Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall sweater

I love sweaters, cardigans and hoodies and tend to feel somewhat undressed without them. I didn't wear them in Greece though, once the thermometer passes 30 degrees Celsius not even a hardcore sweater wearer like myself can muster it. But on normal Swedish summer days I usually wear a thin cardie. I guess the feeling is similar to the need to have some kind of bedding over me when I go to sleep. Even if I am sweating I have to have something that covers my body in order to be fully relaxed. It's not that I feel a need to hide something. Nor do I get cold easily. But being surrounded by soft warm fabrics gives me a certain type of calmness - I feel secure and relaxed.  

The sweater I am wearing in the photo is my new favorite. It's from the Swedish label Newhouse - they do a great version of preppy wear. And the quality is always very good. I suspect that my annual income (and my age) is way lower than most folks who buys this brand, but I like classic clothing, I  always have and I suspect I always will. 


  1. This is the kind of sweater that lasts and if you were to do a per wearing cost it would be far lower than something much cheaper that you toss at the end of the season. I am definitely not into disposable clothing.

  2. You can always accessorize with "trendy" "now" garments. A classic garment wears well and wears for a long time, because it can, at times, completely fade to the background while everyone focuses on the new, trendy.