Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little houses


In Sweden we have special little houses called friggebodar. The special thing about them is that they don't require any builder permit and they can be no bigger than 15 square meters. Thus they are very common as guest houses, summer cabins, storage and other uses. This weekend we went to a great exhibition where architects, designers and craftsmen were asked to design their own version of  mini houses, most of which complied to the friggebod standard. The range was impressive, from hyper modern and sleek to rustic clay and timber houses.
I love small spaces and wouldn't mind having a friggebod somewhere in a beautiful location.

Tomorrow I will start working on the wedding dress. Feel a bit nervous about cutting in that gorgeous expensive lace, but apart from that it will be exciting to finally getting started on the project.


  1. I love little houses. Sadly in America we only have large, expansive wastes-of-space houses.

    I am sewing a wedding dress right now as well - the project started in March. A friend is having a very small, casual ceremony with dinner at a restaurant afterwards. She is on a budget and wanted a simple dress that was elegant and classic and flattering without being too big and puffy. She found one at a chain bridal store but did not like the length (she wanted tea length). I offered to make it when I saw the relatively simple design. I did the first draft in muslin back in May, and used my pattern drafting skills to do a custom fit bodice. The muslin actually fit and only needed a little tweaking. Then I made a second draft out of cheap polyester and a remnant of low quality curtain lace as a second draft. I finally cut into the good fabric last Friday and am almost done - all it needs is a hem and a hook/eye and possible some finishing on the cap sleeves - she's doing the final fitting tomorrow. I can't believe I actually did this - granted, her dress is very casual and easy to make, but she actually trusted me with her big day. I'll post pics after the weekend (the wedding is Saturday - I am cutting it close, but I am not working at the moment so I have plenty of time to finish it).

  2. I want a friggebod - just because of the fun name! ;)

  3. 1 kvadratfot är inte lika med 1 kvadratmeter :), och det var faktiskt inte sagt att bodarna skulle vara i friggebodsstandard. Fast flera arkitekter valde ändå att gå på den linjen. Men några hus var större än så, tex det där skogshuset var alldeles för högt för att räknas som friggebod.

  4. I was so hoping you'd say this little house was yours! Then I'd invite myself back to Sweden as your friggebod guest. LOL

  5. Kerry: That is great to hear! I will defintiely check the dress out, I am sure it is beautiful.

    ASW: Hehe, the name is a funny take on the house/home minister who was in charge when the friggebod was invented. Her name is Friggebo and small cabins are called bod, hence friggbebod.

    Fredrik: Ojoj, sjukt för jag tänkte verkligen att nu ska jag skriva meter och inte feet. Ska inte blogga 23.30 på kvällen tydligen, tack för att du såg det :) Ang friggebodar, jo jag vet, var lite otydlig där, har ändrat formulering nu, ville få med friggebodar för det är en lite kuriös grej. Visste inte att takhöjden var reglerad. Fast nu när jag tänker efter så är det förstås rimligt!

    Antoinette: I wish! No we don't have any summer houses. but a lot of people I know have access to one, I am sometimes very jealous of them!

  6. Also, here in America it is really hard to construct one of those little houses without getting special zoning and permits if someone is actually going to live in it full-time. For some reason, they make it harder to have a smaller than average house. Just check out Jay Shafer's company, Tumbleweed Tiny House.

  7. ahh! No planning permission! Now it all makes sense. I knew about the summer house thing from my neighbour and also from films like the Milennium series, but I couldn't figure out how everyone had one. :)

    And feel free to email me if you want that wedding gown sewalong. I'm only just starting now too, ack.