Monday, June 14, 2010

Nadinoo pixie petal dress

With the tax return coming up I went ahead and totally splurged on a Nadinoo Liberty print dress. She has several lovely designs, but I ended up falling for this quirky dress (The pixie petal dress) with petal collars (i.e.several layers of collars) and a fantastic print, designed by artist Grayson Perry. It's a fairy tale kind of dress, straight out of A Midsummers nights dream or The Magic flute, with the collar looking just like a flower and the magical star print which has an intriguing secret when you look up close.

The style is roomier than I usually wear. I bought a small and the design has quite a lot of ease. But I think I can pull it off! Oh and the workmanship is amazing, and I am pretty picky about that :) Now I just wish that the summer heat would return so I can wear this dress with bare legs!

By the way, I am a total sucker for illustrations and love when illustrators collaborate with fabric companies - I just wish that they would do more fashion fabrics and not just home dec stuff. So I totally fell over when I saw a close up of the print of Nadinoo's dress. And what makes me love it even more is that the man behind the print and this urn...

...likes to dress like this!

In Sweden the sort of person who designs in a style similar to Grayson's is always an urban hipster guy/girl (picture showing actual art school students). Even though, admittedly, my own looks can be somewhat hipster inclined, I find Grayson Perry's style very refreshing in comparison!
Grayson's Liberty fabrics can be bought at Clothkits.


  1. Great dress. Even though you are not used to the ease in this dress, I have to say I think this style looks wonderful on you!

  2. >>Karin: Thank you! I can be a little conservative sometimes when it comes to shapes and fit, so it was nice trying out a new silhouette and seeing that I like it!

  3. I love Nadinoo. Such pretty work! I have to laugh, as that silhouette is about all I wear. Welcome to my world! LOL The print is really magical.

  4. >>Antoinette: Hehe, I take that as an assurance since I think we are about the same size and you look fab in these kind of styles!