Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boning update and more wedding dress stuff

Thank you so much everyone for the insightful suggestions. And a special shout-out to Gail who pointed me to a very helpful visual in her blog and to Gorgeous thing's lace corset tutorial
I will order a batch of spiral boning from Corset making, just need to measure the corset pieces. And I also finally bought the Susan Khalje cd-book Bridal Couture. I think it will be an intriguing addition to my sewing library, even tough this dress might be the only bridal gown I'll ever do. If I, hopefully, would get married to my boyfriend some day I'd definitely wear a more paired down look, as I don't really do full blown gowns - I am a little restrained that way! I would say that my own ideal wedding dress would be a classic 50's black chiffon illusion dress, like this one from Countess de Vintage.

Oh and the bride to be has finally scored some fabulous silk ribbon! The ribbon is very close to the original, just a little narrower, and will be perfect I think. I can't wait until she hands the ribbon over to me so that I can show you. But we did have a lace hiccup, the lace that she picked had almost run out in the store (just a meter left) and the other one that she liked had even less yardage left. So now we are perusing an English seller, Harrington fabric, and she has ordered three swatches from them.

The first one is her favorite and pretty similar to the one she originally picked in the store. The bride-to-be is  very clothes savvy, has a great eye and is really tenacious when it comes to sourcing, so luckily I just have to focus on the construction bits! The wedding is in September and I plan to do most of the work during my summer vacation that starts in July, so hopefully we will have all the materials set by then.


  1. weird. I keep seeing your posts today in my feed reader, but then when I click through to comment, Blogger says they don't exist...

    That happened when I clicked here earlier, and just now on your What I Wore post (which it says doesn't exist yet).

    Anyway, the comments: I'd be interested to hear what Harrington's lace prices actually are. There's nothing listed on the site, and I even went as far as getting a catalogue from them, but infuriatingly, there's no prices listed in there, either!! Seriously, that's just terrible business practice!

    And the other comment was on your 10K - yay! Just make sure not to add more than 10% onto your mileage each week or you can injure yourself really easily. I've got a 10k coming up in July I'm training for. Well, slogging for right now, ugh.

  2. >>Melissa: Thank you for pointing out my screwed posts. I was just editing typos and then managed to mess up the publishing while doing so. It's fixed now! Yes agree about the Harrington site, very strange, don't they want to sell or are the prices that terrifyingly high...?

    Thank you for the tip about the running schedule, I got 5k in my legs right now so upping to 10k until late August sounds doable. Good luck with the race, you already got the mojo going!

  3. Glad I was able to help. I haven't forgotten your Chanel quilting tips. What goes round comes round.