Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy, busy and my little helper

Mostly due to having a garment featured in an Etsy newsletter (yay!) I ended up getting five orders on Saturday. Which means that all I am doing this week is working - from morning (day job) to night (Floremark). So yesterday I enlisted my eldest daughter as a pattern maker assistant. She helped me trace the patterns and prep them for grading, and did a wonderful job with it, even though she grunted a bit. I think I might enlist her services again in the future. 

Anyhow my plans for making the bridal dress muslin, finishing the blouse and sewing up a spring collection  is a little on the hold. Lets just say I got a lot on my plate right now! And on Friday I need to get up before 6 AM to pick up more fabric from a supplier for the sold out Olga blouse before I go to work.
Thank gawd for coffee. So yes, updates might be a little spare this week, (though I do plan to post about the walking foot that has finally arrived) . But next week I'll hopefully be back on my regular schedule!


  1. Congrats! It's good to be busy! (and I'll keep quiet about the child labour if the authorities come asking! ;) )

  2. Hehe, I like to keep 'em busy ;)

  3. Sweet! & congrats on the feature in the Etsy nL!