Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring/summer collection

While I won't be opening a swanky design studio and quitting my day job anytime soon, I am very happy with the outcome of Floremark and will definitely continue with my line. So yes there will be several more styles coming for spring. In the planning stages are two tops, both made of organic cotton, and a cardigan, done in a wonderful denim blue cotton/rayon knit that feels like silk jersey. Also I want to make one or two rayon/lycra knit skirts if I can find fabrics with the perfect print.

Ideally I would like to present the collection as whole, but realistically that is not possible. Apart from my other life stuff, there are also work on orders and the bridal dress that needs be done. So finding time is a challenge. Also I have to say that running my little clothing line has been a pretty respectable learning curve - like getting a hang of everything from finding good wholesalers to understanding the ins and outs of marketing. I still have tons of stuff I would like to do with Floremark, but since this is a moonlighting gig, everything will not happen as quickly as my impatient mind wants it to.

Anyhow the first top will appear sometime in March and will probably be the striped one to the right in the photo.


  1. Oh my gosh I am LOVING those buttons. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Your choices of fabrics and buttons look wonderful.
    I've often thought of doing what you are doing now, but it just has never come to be as of yet :)
    So I think what you are doing is pretty amazing....finding the time for all these goals can be a difficult task, but you seem to be juggling it all.....I find making one garment time challenging, and I feel I can manage my time pretty well... so I truly admire your determination and your accomplishments. I look forward to seeing your Spring/Summer collection and I'm sure it will be a success!

  3. I'm glad to find your blog. I was looking for blogs with adult sewing and found yours. I am also from Sweden but live part time in southern France and love sewing.

  4. >>Melinda: Thank you, and yes I am a sucker for all kinds of buttons, I guess you could call it my trademark :)

    >>Ann: You know, it has actually been a little easier than I thought it would be, probably because I am doing it on a very small scale. The thing that has worked for me is doing a little here and there instead of setting really high goals - I think that it would just make me stressed out and disappointed. So what I am trying to say it that it is totally doable, I am no super human at all (though pretty disciplined). So I can totally recommend that you give it a shot! I keep my fingers crossed!

    >>Medea: Hallå där! Kul att få höra från en svensk läsare. Åh flytta till Frankrike, det låter som rena drömmen just nu, vi har ju över en halv meter snö här ute.

  5. I enjoy every piece you've made for Floremark so far and am excited it has been received so well! I look forward to the new collection!

  6. hey, i just stumbled over a really pretty version of the wedding dress with the sewn-on bow like you're working on. yeah, i should stop reading quite so many wedding blogs, but these pictures were really cute and showed the dress nicely ;)