Saturday, February 27, 2010

My mum

As I mentioned before my mother loved the Kelly cardigan and ordered one. Yesterday she came to visit so I was finally able to hand it over to her. She is a tiny person, so I did a custom size for her, and luckily it fit her perfectly!

This is the first ever garment I have sewn for her. In the past I have made her other sewn objects, but no clothes. My mum is an all around crafty person herself and a very skilled weaver. So while she was never big on sewing, the fact that she always had some kind of project going on when I was a child, was a big influence on my own crafty pursuits. Though her craftiness has been on a long hiatus, I think she has lost her mojo somewhat, plus her small apartment doesn't have room for a big weaving loom.

Anyhow she is super skilled, and even went to a craft/domestic school, like many women of her generation did. And when I was a teenager she very generously hand sewed buttonholes for me, since her vintage Singer sewing machine had no such function. Which I am forever grateful for!


  1. It looks beautiful on her.

    Enjoy your visit.

  2. What a sweet tribute to your mom! The cardigan looks lovely on her.

  3. Your Mum looks great in that cardigan. One of my cousins in Finland is a weaver and it is quite fascinating.

    I also love your skirt fabric in the next post!

  4. Looks great on Mum! Although I was happy for college prep classes, I think we are really losing out that none of us take those home ec classes anymore where we learn to sew and knit and weave. We're losing some really important parts of our cultures.

  5. Johanna, she is adorable! And she looks so happy with her custom Floremark garment! :)

  6. Thank you guys! And Cherri I agree, I think these skills have a function on todays society too, and I am also a big believer in that crafty pursuits also have great psychological benefits. Like having a sense of purpose and a creative outlet. Plus boosting ones self esteem and even helping us getting through tough times.

    And Sue, yes it is truly fascinating, the things you can create with a loom is just mind blowing, my grandmother was a weaver too and both of them have created so many beautiful treasures. That is something I could see myself doing when I get older, if I have the space!

    Antoinette: I will forward that comment to her :)