Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy print

As promised here comes a better view of the print fabric that I bought yesterday, a fabric that will most likely end up as a skirt for my Etsy shop. If so I will line the skirt with a second layer of rayon jersey in order to give it more body and to keep it from being clingy. I'll probably make the skirt super simple - I think the print speaks for itself and needs no further fuss!


  1. It's gorgeous. I love it! Do you lose a lot fabric to line up the blossom just right? Great idea to add a lining.

  2. Cool to hear that you guys responded to it well too!
    And Eword10, yes there will be some waste sadly, which limits the design possibilities and the skirt must have have a very specific length to make it work, but if it looks okay I will not line up the pattern in the back, so that there will be at least a little less waste there.

  3. WOW!!!!!!! That print is PERFECT for a skirt!!
    Can you use the wasted fabric for something else?
    Okay, I am really drooling over this!

  4. Ohh my...I xoxo it! Makes me feel happy :)