Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burdastyle yoga pants

nananstetjofftjoff: Ind. wobbly tree pose with a camera remote in hand.

I don't actually plan to use this pants for yoga (which you might have already guessed from my less than stellar attempt above). But the gym has been so cold lately, so I needed a pair of long pants to keep me warm. The pattern was an impulse buy though, I was actually looking for blouse patterns on Burdastyle when I found this pattern called Corinne. I didn't even really look at the specifics - I just clicked on buy and downloaded the pattern. Then I sewed the pattern together in less than an hour. I was however a little surprised to see how tight and boot cut the pants are, especially since I had something looser fitting in mind. But this misinterpretation was entirely due to my own obliviousness - both the line drawing and the photo are actually clear on this matter. 

The original pattern instructions for the waist calls for a complicated process that involves several pattern pieces, interfacing, buttonholes and a drawstring. Instead I took the easy route and used the simple fold waist from Burda magazine no 11-2007. I have no regrets about that. Pants like this should be fuss free, both to make and to wear.


  1. They look very comfortable and really not tight at all, I like them..and an hour to sew ..nice :)
    I agree these types of pants should be fuss free :)

  2. >>Ann: You know after wearing them around the house all night I have realized that they are not as tight as I first thought. It was just that in my head I had a kinda different idea on how they would turn out.

    >>Fredrik: :)

  3. Ahh the perfect no-fuss knit sewing pick-me-up! And I know what you mean about cold gyms - mine is positively caverous with (uninsulated) brick walls and 2-story high ceiling so even with all the sweating it gets very chilly.

  4. That's really comfortable and I think yoga pants should not be so tight so we can stretch our legs and also sit comfortably.