My favourite coat

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Coat: Made by me from Marfy Pattern F1019.
Skirt: Made by me (Floremark).
Beret: Crocheted by my friend Anita. Pattern from the book Stickat och virkat - vintage på svenska.
Betsy Blueberry.

Today, after getting more than 10 hours of sleep, I woke up to both sunny weather and a little snow. So feeling more exited than usual I decided to don my favourite coat, which I made three years ago from a Marfy pattern. I don't wear this coat nearly as much as it deserves since I tend to dress in jeans most days and this coat kinda demands a little more effort. But every time I put it on I'm reminded of what an awesome coat design this is.

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14 kommentarer

  1. I can see why it is your favorite coat. It has interesting, unique seaming and looks wonderfully warm.

  2. I love it! I have always been intimidated by Marfy patterns. What is your opinion.

  3. Thank you everyone! I totally agree the coat is awesome :)

    >>Cindy: Since there are no instructions, just pattern pieces, it is very easy to get intimidated. However the markings are incredibly clear and instructive, so you just fit it all together like a puzzle. Also this coat was very well drafted so every piece went together like a charm. The drawback is that Marfy patterns are pricey with only one size included which makes it hard to alter the pattern if the fit is not right. But I was very happy with the fit of this coat!

  4. I really like that oversized collar! Isn't it nice to have items in our closet that challenge us to step up our game a little? Fabulous.

  5. I love this coat - I see from the Vogue site this is not available for international puchase - so how did you manage to get one?

  6. I think you should definitely wear this coat with jeans! In fact, wear it as much as you want, I'm sure it looks great with everything.

  7. >>MaryNanna: I bought it from Marfy's own site and they ship worlwide! Just send them the pattern number, not all styles are listed on their site. They cost 13 euro each plus postage.

    >>Antoinette: True, that is one of many things that I find fascinating with clothes, that they kind of pulls you in different directions - both up and down!

    >>Issaspacy: You have a point, it's just that I am a very all or nothing when it comes to dressing, either super casual or dressed up to the teeth. And I feel that some jeans I own will bring the coat down, but I do have a few smarter ones that might work. I will give it a try!

  8. What a beautiful coat. It looks so cold where you are.

  9. >>Gail: It was, at least for this part of Sweden, -9 Celsius. Though in the northern parts it has been around -20 lately. I grew up there and I don't miss that!

  10. Johanna

    That is a great coat. It would wear well with jeans. You really should take it out of the closet more often! Of course, your excellent sewing skills add to the beauty of the coat.

  11. I love it! You did a great job getting that collar to lay right, and accenting those seam details. You can't beat Marfy for coats, or shirts, jackets or dresses for that matter.
    They ship everywhere, and the biggest danger is how addictive they are.
    You did an amazing job, you should show it off every chance you get.

  12. I have always wondered how that coat would look "in real life" - I love it! I can see why it's a favorite of yours.