Launch my line

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I think that Bravo's new tv-show Launch my line is something you'll either love or hate. And judging from the first episode I think I belong in the former category - in fact I feel much more excited about this one than I did with both Project Runway season 6 or The Fashion Show!

I think the reason why enjoyed the first episode so much is that the concept of Launch my line actually feels fresh. Putting together total laymen with professional designers has a lot of potential for both drama and great clothes and it will be very exciting to see how the wannabe designers will evolve during the season. Talk about a steep learning curve!

Also how cute isn't the Dsquared2 twins Dean and Dan? I kinda wish they were my big brothers, I would follow them everywhere!

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2 kommentarer

  1. I'm counting on your feedback. I might try to jump on this series in January and catch up on past episodes. The rest of my life is so far behind that I feel like I can't afford another leisure distraction! But it sounds interesting.

  2. Oh did I miss it, what night does it come on?