Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today's outfit

Me and my new skirt (which will be called Edith). The top is from my local fashion favorite Jumperfabriken and the shoes are from Ecco.

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments and suggestions! Doing business, regardless of scale, can definitely be tricky and challenging. I used to be a freelance writer, so I know some stuff about running a business, but there are still so much to learn. BTW I got an email from one of my US customer today telling me that the parcel had arrived safely and that she loved the Mariner sweater, so I feel a huge sense of relief today.

Above is the outfit that I am wearing today. The new skirt feels awesome, it's incredibly comfortable, and several co-workers complemented me this morning. Judging from today's test run, this design will most likely make it into Etsy. The sizes available will be S-M-L, and I'll post more info later.

P.S: Thank you Mary Nanna for expressing an interest in the Maud skirt. I will put more info up on that design as well later.


  1. I think you look lovely in your new skirt. I can imagine you got a lot of compliments!

  2. Killer outfit, if you hadn't gotten a million questions I would have thought you worked in an office full of blind people.

  3. Seems like all you've made so far are great decisions with Floremark. Awesome outfit! And your hair looks great, too. :)

  4. >>Karin: Oh, thank you!

    >>Sweet limes: Well I think they were also appreciative that I wasn't wearing my usual jeans and tee outfit :)

    >>Antoinette: Thank you, I dyed it yesterday, the hair dresser cut my hair shorter than I had requested and I felt a bit lost. But the new darker colour makes me much more comfortable with this style.

  5. Your skirt design is very original. I love the preppy look that you are cultivating.

  6. I just love your clothes! You are an amazing inspiration. That skirt is just gorgeous!

  7. >>Gail: Thank you, I have always loved the preppy look. When I was a teen for instance I used to wear twin sets and pleated tartan skirts. And even a pearl necklace at times!

    >>Fredrik: <3

    >> Jennifer: :) *feeling very flattered*

  8. Your outfit looks great. The skirt will be a perefct addition to your Etsy garments.