Monday, November 2, 2009

Skirt in progress

I am working on a new skirt design that might make it into my Etsy store. It's not finished yet and I want to test drive the skirt before I make up my mind. But I do like how it looks. The grey marled fabric is a thick rayon/lycra crepe knit and the lining is made of soft stretch mesh. 

Also I am considering selling the Maud skirt after all. A friend tried on the skirt yesterday and loved it so much that she wanted to buy it. It was also a great confirmation to see that the knit skirt pattern that I have developed works well on a different body type too. The new skirt is made from the same base pattern.

As for how things are going on Etsy I have sold four garments in total (one to a friend though). I am happy with that number, but now the sales have stalled so it is time to put more effort into marketing and product development again. Just need to find the time! 

As for doing business I am still in that fragile state where I tend to feel overwhelmed and worry about a lot of stuff, the last few days for instance I have been fretting over long shipping times, dreading parcels getting held up in customs and wondering if I will be completely crushed if a customer is unhappy with my garment. But it was good therapy focusing on a new skirt design yesterday and having my friend rave about the Maud skirt was definitely another mood booster.


  1. Johanna, I love how this skirt looks. It's very beautiful! And I'm sure you'll figure everything out about the shop. I can imagine it must be very exciting, ut on the ther hand: As long as you put love and effort into your work and are open to communication with your costumers, I think it will all turn out great.

  2. I love the new skirt. It's so simple, yet distinctive. Keep the faith with your shop. It will happen for you! Your designs are great.

  3. I adore the buttons at the hem!!

  4. I love the button placket, that makes it unique without being wierd.

    You have very good instincts about fashion, and a wonderful sense of design. I can't believe that you are doing this out of an apartment complex laundry room.

    Keep up the faith, you will have bumps along the way, but you have good instincts for this stuff, you will figure it out. If not, you know that you have many, many resources on the web.

  5. I love the Maud skirt - if you put it into production I would love to buy it!

    There are very few things I can buy off the Internet - only skirts and bags - the rest I just have too many issues with fit because I am a very non-standard size.

    Email me at marynannasews(at)gmail(dot)com if you decide to go ahead with selling some.

  6. This skirt is really nice. As others have said - simple yet distinctive. Maybe if you decide to produce it, and it would be less expensive than a sweater, that would give people a way to try out your company before committing to a sweater.

  7. It is probably hard not to worry about all the things that could go wrong as you are so invested in this business. Try to step back and enjoy it though, you don't want to have all of the fun sucked out of it. Love the skirt design!

  8. You're doing great with 4 sales less than a month after you opened shop! Have fun with this - you are an independent designer, not H&M! :)