Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shop update and other stuff

Today I updated my shop with the new Mariner sweater and dress. Phew! I got loads of new design ideas I want to try out as well, but that will have to wait. But I do have two days off from work next week so besides filling orders I will set aside time to make something for myself again. Probably the Hedy Lamarr zipper blouse and if so I plan to splurge on some fine silk and also see if can find a matching vintage zipper.

The zipped 40's blouse.

And this weekend we are going to my favorite weekend city - Copenhagen. We will see a concert in an upscale music hall so I plan to finally wear my velvet dress. Though the dress has already been out and about - with a friend who borrowed it for a birthday bash where she wore it with biker boots!

Me and my Copenhagen travel companion.

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