Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mariner sailor dress

Yes a new dress! I did this one for myself but it will also end up in my Etsy store. It is basically the Mariner sweater as a dress. I think have reached new heights with this one when it comes to designing for comfort :) This dress is so nice to wear that it almost feels like a nightie! Also I am officially a "dress with pockets" convert now. It does add both style and practicality to dresses.

This fabric is from a new roll from the same Swedish factory that produced the original Mariner sweater fabric. But they are currently out of black so this dress is made in dark navy. I just love this fabric, it is incredibly soft and stable at the same time. 

But since the new fabric has a different colour than the original, this means I have to make a new Mariner sweater sample as well before I can list it in the store again. 

Parting shot. Here is a cell phone picture of me picking up the new fabric roll. This also what a typical winter day looks like where I live. We hardly ever get any snow.


  1. I Love the Mariner look. Very nice dress.

  2. Den är ju klockren !

  3. Oh my gosh it looks so comfortable!!! And I love dresses with pockets :D

  4. Very cute. It looks oh so comfortable to wear. Nice!

  5. Hej!

    Now, at first I thought it was you talking on the cell phone....

    Kind regards,

    José :-)

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