Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More on La Mia & Patrones

Since I got several comments and suggestions on my post on the La Mia Boutique and Patrones patterns I wanted to address those comments in a separate post. Yes I am actually doing things a little late here, I had planned to post this a week ago, but somehow I got caught up in other stuff.

On finding tissue jersey
Several of you directed me to Gorgeous fabrics and they have a couple of nice gauzy knits, this one I will probably order. Also Joanne recommended Emma one sock's 11 oz jersey since it is light weight and comes in a lot of colours.

On getting La Mia Boutique and Patrones outside Europe
It's a shame that they don't do a better job exporting these magazines to other continents. Even though they would be a bit expensive in stores I still think they present a good value. Usually there are at lest 30-40 different patterns and in several sizes. But this problem has given me an idea - next time I'll arrange a giveaway I will give away either a La Mia Boutique or a Patrones issue.

On draping the knit dress
Antoinette wondered if it was possible to drape the pattern of the La Mia dress. I'd say that it is very possible, the front and collar are the same piece and since the sleeves are wide cap with long sleeve inserts, there is no hassle with drafting sleeve heads. The bodice is lined with self fabric and so is the skirt, so this style requires a lot of fabric (I think around 3 yards if my memory serves me).


  1. I want to win your Patrones giveaway. I'm desperate to get my hands on Patrones. They are not available at all in Australia.

  2. It really is just a beautiful dress. You mentioned that you are so short on time these days to sew for yourself, and I suggested draping in the event you might save time by draping instead of using the pattern (tracing, adding seam allowances, etc. etc.). You can count on me to join in a giveaway for either magazine! I love exotic stuff like that.