Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zero degrees from Project Runway

As some of you might know I am a massive fan of Project Runway. I store all seasons of the US version on my hard drive and I also collect other versions from around the world (my faves these days are actually Australia's and Canada's PR versions). So yesterday I was thrilled beyond belief when I found out that my sailor sweater was featured on the same Etsy finds page as PR season 3 contestant Alison Kelly who now has her own Etsy shop. This is definitely the highlight of my design career :)

Also I have just finished with my first order and next up are orders for the Mariner sweater. I have the day off from my day job tomorrow - but it looks like I'll still be working!

Leslie no 2 - soon to be shipped.


  1. That is awesome - you must be thrilled. Maybe this is just the start of something big.

  2. Congratulations! You have made it to the top of the "Brooklyn look" list! LOL I'm excited for you.

  3. That is so exciting, congratulations.

  4. >>Melinda: Thank you!
    >>Antoinette: LOL! Yeah I cracked the code ;) Thank you!
    >>Lori: Thanks!

  5. Congratulations! That's amazing. I am curious to know if your buyer is local or outside of your country. Hope the buying frenzy continues.