Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy blog birthday

Today is the one year anniversary of The Last Stitch. I'd say it's a cause for celebration, since this has been so much fun and I am really struck by the response that I have gotten from you guys. And I always feel very excited when someone takes the time to comment on something that I have written.

I was originally toying around with two blog names simultaneously and designed headers for both of them. Here is the other header that I made:

But after a quick poll (just my boyfriend really) The Last Stitch won over So sew me! I think it was the right choice, although I have to say I still really like the cheeky retro vibe of my "other blog".


  1. Happy blogaversay - you can feel really proud of what you have achieved over the last year.

    Mine was on Tuesday - we must have started blogging about the same time!

    However, since I've decided I waste far too much time on the internet, my resolution this year is to - ahem - "concentrate on quality" - in other words, do way less.

  2. >>Wendy: Thank you!

    >>Mary Nanna: Wow, I thought you were a veteran, your blog is so good and well written! Yeah, I know all about internet addiction, it can be great but it also eats up so much time. Hope you still will be blogging regularly though!

  3. Happy blog birthday!
    I just found you recently - I am really enjoying your blog and looking at your work!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing your unique approach to sewing and design. I've learned a lot!