Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fabric shopping with children

Stella examining a black and white distressed fabric while showing some subtle enthusiasm over a black rayon/lycra knit.

Normally my children would rather clean their room than accompany me on a fabric shopping trip. I think I must have damaged them at an early age! But my eldest wants to make a tulle dress and we needed some black stretch lining for that so I was able to lure her with me to a local fabric fair on Sunday. And you know what - she enjoyed it. She was especially intrigued by the high end distressed and "punctured" fabrics that seems to be all the rage right now in the fabric stores around here.

Some of these stripes went home with us.

We ended up shopping knits for her and her stripe loving little sister and if there is one thing that Swedish fabric vendors do well it's catering for children. I saw so many fun and colorful fabrics with great prints. Didn't go all in though since there is just too little time to make all the stuff I want.

Edit: For all you locals, the fair is called Symässan and is now located at Kviberg near Gamlestaden in Göteborg. But the next one is not until spring unfortunatly. The fair has gone through a huge improvement since last year, with much more sellers and a bigger venue.

Three fair sellers with on-line stores that I can personally recommend (ie I am a happy customer).
MG tyger

Italienska modetyger


  1. Oh, please, more details about where/when this fabric fair is! I live south of Göteborg ... not a lot of fabric shopping in the neighbourhood so I'm hungry for tips!

  2. >>Tineke: I will add that info to the post!

  3. A tulle dress! I would have loved a tulle dress when I was a little girl... I would have played out my ballerina fantasies, What a lucky daughter!

  4. I'd love to know more about this "punctured fabric" that you're talking about. Do you have a link that you can show an example of it?

  5. My son would rather get a shot than go to the fabric store with me, I think. He only goes so he can badger me about buying him candy at the checkout counter, even though I have only said yes to this once. There's no browsing when I take him with me -- I have to know what I want, get in, get it cut, get out. I don't see this changing in the next 20 years or so.

  6. >>Meli88a: Yeah, I think it will be a fun project. Her concept is a little "punk ballerina". Though I haven't sewn something tulle before, but it seems pretty easy.

    >>Tara: Oh, it's hard to explain. There are basically holes in the fabric. It is either done in a felted wool material or in regular dress fabric. I don't quite understand how they do that without raveling, maybe it's some kind of laser cut?

    >>Antoinette: What you describe is *exactly* how my kids normally behave. I usually have like five minutes basically before they grow impatient. I am a pretty strict parent in some ways (and believe that it's very important that children learns to adjust to adult needs as well) but fabric shopping seems to be too much for them to handle!