Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Boden

Yesterday the fall catalog from Boden arrived in my mailbox. I got pretty excited since I hadn't previewed any of the styles on their website. But after browsing through the thick catalog I felt a bit lukewarm about their offerings. There was less interesting detailing than usual, instead they focused more on colours and prints. Maybe it's a recession thing? I did however really like the three styles above. The ruched dress is just plain gorgeous and I think similar designs can be found in several Burda magazine issues from the last year or so. The collar pin tuck pleating on the satin trim blouse is also really intruging and something to be inspired by. My third favorite is the plaid Soho blazer. It would be a really stylish addition to any fall wardrobe I'd say. Maybe it's time that I upped my tailoring skills once and for all?


  1. That purple dress really is gorgeous!!

  2. I really like looking through Boden too.