Sunday, September 27, 2009

Indie fashion show

By designers Emma Melin and Sara Larsson

Maybe it's zeitgeist or simply because it's fall, but my hometown is suddenly swimming in fashion related activities. So yesterday me and my friend Anita went to a fashion show for freshly minted independent designers at Underjorden. The show was in a punk/alternative community house, but the stuff that was sent down the runway had much more mass appeal than we had expected.

Designer unknown (sorry!) and Malin Ortmann, the latter is only 18 years old!

If I should pinpoint any trends among the young designers - I would say short and sexy with a vintage flair. Most skirts were full and hit well above the knees. The 50's was also a prevalent theme, I saw a lot of wasp waists and skirts lined with tulle.

Evelyn Frantti and Sara Larsson

The range of models was good - from thin and tall to short and curvy, which made the show much more entertaining and diverse. I was especially thrilled to see a label catering for us gals 5'3 and under - the line was called Petite handsewn. Petite sizes are otherwise unheard of in Swedish fashion, all clothes are made for those who are around 5'6.

Petite handsewn and Emma Melin.

(sorry that some pictures are a little dark and blurry, but the stage was super dark so it was a struggle taking decent photos)


  1. You have some talented local designers! Their styling is amazing. Esp. those crazy lace-up boots/ sandals -- wow. I went to a friend's show a couple weeks ago and she did a great job. It's so inspiring to see other independents' visions.

  2. >>Antoinette: Yes I get a real kick out of seeing other's visions too, it always give me a creative kick in the butt so to speak :)