Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chanel exhibition

Photos: Mikael Lammgård.

Yesterday a friend and I met up after work to see a Chanel exhibition at our local design museum. Though calling it an exhibition would be a bit of stretch - it was only six garments in total (five of which you can see above). But hey what can you expect from a city museum in a Swedish town with a population of 500 000 citizens (a number which coincidently makes us the second largest city in the country)

The sixth exhibition piece.

Anyhow the exhibition in all it's tininess was pretty good. The blue suit to the far left in the upper picture was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and looked like an air hostess uniform, the other five was by Coco Chanel herself. I have never seen Chanel garments up close (they were out in the open and not in a glass case). As expected they were exquisitely made. One thing that struck me was how many seams there was. From a distance they look very unconstructed and flowing, but most garments consisted of quite a few pattern pieces.

Another thing that I noted was that the wool bouclé hadn't aged all that well. There was some considerable pilling going on
. I've had some bad experience with bouclé myself and thought it was just a case of shoddy fabric, but clearly even the best ones can start to pill. I guess it's because the fabric is so loosely woven.

My favorite piece was the ivory suit to the left, it's from the 50's I think, but looked incredibly modern, sexy and had some really intriguing construction details.

Next week the movie Coco avant Chanel hits the cinemas in Sweden. I plan to see it and I'll try to review it as well (it would be my first feature movie review, but it's a fashion movie nevertheless so I think it qualifies for this blog).


  1. The ivory suit is really lovely -- but is that a zipper that ends right at the bust apex? I have this real aversion to faux nipples in clothes. Same reason why I don't like pocket flaps (with buttons) for breast pockets. Incidentally, the verification word for this comment is "crime", and I really do think faux nipples are a crime of fashion. Sorry, Mlle. Chanel.

  2. >>Antoinette: That was a sharped eye observation, yes it's just under the apex. Didn't notice that myself. And the "crime" code, that was hilarious!

  3. Yep Antoinette is very funny! I really like the navy and white number.

  4. Faux nipple crime, LOL! But I loved being able to see this white jacket up close. Thanks, Johanna!

  5. >>Gail: I really like that one too!
    >>Mary Beth: You're welcome, and I'm still laughing about Antoinette's crime comment:)