Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Am I the only one who gets these? They are burn marks that comes from accidentally touching the rim of a hot iron when pressing seams. It usually doesn't hurt much, but the scar takes at least a year to fully fade away, at least on me. I even had one on my stomach for a while when I was ironing without a shirt and somehow managed to brush my tummy against the iron. So now I am curious, do you have any sewing related injuries? I have yet to sew into my fingers, but even after four years of use, I am still a little scared of my serger.


  1. Ouch! I haven't gotten burned from my iron (knock on wood) but have gotten similar burns getting yummy things out of the oven. It only happens when I want to eat what's in the oven and rush around. :) A year sounds like a long time for the scar to linger, though.

    My two most notable sewing-related injuries both happened last year, and both taught me very long-lasting lessons about taking your time. The first was a rotary cutter that slipped from the edge of a ruler and into the index finger of my hand holding down the ruler. It could have been a a lot worse but took a couple of months to heal entirely. And many more months before I would use a rotary cutter again.

    The second was a seam ripper stab wound, into the flesh of that knuckle where the same index finger that was cut a few months before meets the hand. This one surprised me as far as how long it took to fully heal -- there was a bump there for a long time that was tender if I carried a heavy bag in the wrong position with that hand!

  2. I have a matching arm burn right now! I have to stop pinning up gathers on my ironing board...

    I also second the seam ripper stab. That pointy end is hazardous.

    I had to laugh at the "ironing without a shirt". Were you ironing the shirt that you were planning to wear? DH laughs at me for doing that...

  3. I get those, too - mostly on my inner forearms. I did sew through a finger once, but only at the edge, so no ER drama or anything. Hurt a bunch, though.

  4. >>Antoinette: OMG, that rotary cut incident sounds seriously scary. Lucky it didn't got worse. And ditto on the seam ripper, those sharp points are sneaky bastards. This is why I sometimes feel a bit hesitant letting my kids run loose in the sewing department, since things can get seriously bloody...

    >>KID MD: Then we are scar sisters! Yes I was ironing the shirt I was going to wear. I do it all the time too, since I always postpone ironing as long as I can. I guess batch ironing would be a better idea, but I just have a hard time getting around to it.

  5. I hurt myself last week with my cutting mat.

    Stop laughing.

    I finally rearranged a spare bedroom and it is now my sewing room. (My sewing used to be confined to the dining room table).

    Since I do not have a permanent table to keep my cutting mat on, I store it under the sleeper sofa in the sewing room. Since the sofa has a pull out bed in it, it's hard to just slide the mat underneath - it gets hung up sometimes on the bed spring mechanism and the carpet.

    Anyway, I was sitting on the floor and needed the cutting mat to lay down for pattern drafting. I reached under and pulled it out, it got stuck, I pulled harder and it came flying out at me and sliced my knee open. Better still, it was the corner of the mat and it left me with a lovely T shaped cut that bled. Alot. My fiance found this rather amusing, as he was sitting on the couch while this all happened.

    I finally took the bandaid off today.

  6. I have a band aid on my finger from a sewing related incident and an iron burn on my forearm...I am pretty clumsy!

    I wonder if you use a scar cream. I have one for my son's stitches which was recommended by the plastic surgeon--mederma.

  7. The scar has faded but the memory of burning my stomach while IRONING IN A TUBE TOP!!!!! will live with me forever.

    (thank you 80s, not only are tube tops a fashion disaster, they are unsafe as well!)

  8. Use pure almond oil. The scar will heal very quickly. It is particularly good for healing burns. In Australia we can buy this from the chemist. It is very expensive but worth it.

  9. Ouch, burns are nasty, I usually get burns from the oven and mine take a long time to heal too.
    When I first started sewing I would cut out my fabric on the floor.
    As I was cutting and kneeling I lost my balance and fell, jabbing myself in the leg with the scissors,(just by the knee cap) It truly hurt...the tip actually went in and I had to get my husband to pull them out. I was left with a small scar and I never cut fabric on the floor - ever again :)

  10. >>Jenny: Ouch, the pain and the horror, sewing my finger is my number one fear. Good to hear it didn't got worse!

    >>Kerry: What a crazy/scary incident! That's one hazard I wasn't aware of. What a chock it must have been for you. But yes those corners are sharp and hard. The thing is my storage is similar to yours, I keep them under a rolling cabinet, under my sewing table, so they sometimes get stuck too. I clearly need to watch out!

    >>Cindy: I'm not sure over-the- counter scar cream is readily available in Sweden. I have never seen it in any pharmacy, but then again I haven't exactly been looking either. Thank you for the tip!

    >>Vespabelle: LOL! You just gave me another reason to not wear tube tops (still love the 80's though!)

    >>Gail: I had no idea almond oil worked. Luckily that is something I could easily get hold of in a pharmacy here in Sweden. Great suggestion!

    >>Ann: Oh that's really frightening, I can only barley fathom the pain you must have felt. I still cut fabric on the floor sometimes (due to space limits) but you just gave me one more reason to move away from that. I'm gonna utilize the kitchen table more from now on.

  11. unfortunately, I just got one the other day! I probably have had about 10 in my lifetime!

  12. I regularly bump into things, doorways, people, so it's no wonder that when I started sewing it would not be without injury...No need to ever go for an accupuncture treatment as I regularly have pins going through my skin at very deep levels...I actually sat on a pin that was sitting upright on my chair...ouch that one really hurt...and last night I burnt my fingers again while I was pressing...I don't have much space to sew, so I sometimes make some weird moves, like sitting on my chair, but working on the floor to cut something, so the next morning I wake up with a really bad ache in my neck and back...

  13. I have one of the silicone iron rests for my iron. That way it can always lay flat and is never standing. I burned myself ironing in almost the exact same place when I was 11. I still have the scar. I am paranoid about brushing up against them or them tipping over. This doesn't eliminate the problem entirely, but it reduces it some.

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