Friday, July 10, 2009


Apparently this vacation thingie has already put me out of my regular routine. So here I'm up at 2 A.M, my head spinning with seemingly grand ideas (aka insomnia hubris) while my stomach is growling for some food. Staying up late can be nice, but tomorrow morning my kids will come home from a tour de relatives that has lasted for over two weeks. And I don't want to be a bleary eyed, dizzy mess when they arrive. Especially since this is the longest period we have ever been apart.

[pause to get some cereals]

Anyhow, in this state of clarity/confusion I have decided on my next project. I will make a dress from Burda magazine no 3/2008 (aka as one of my all time favorite issues). Dawn has already done a fab version of this pattern. So that's what I'm aiming for, using one of my London fabrics. Though that dress wont' happen tonight, since I really need to wind down, not up.

And I might cringe when I see this collage tomorrow.


  1. Nothing to cringe about my dear. I'm a bit of an insomniac too, but resist turning on my computer. Someone on the radio recently suggested that late night computing is very detrimental to sleep patterns. Apparently the screen light interacts with the retina and affects REM sleep. Who knows!?

  2. That fabric choic eshould be lovely in that dress. I look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. It'll be a grand dress, for sure. You are so funny with your insomniac photoshopping. LOL Hope you get some rest before your reunion with your girls.

  4. >>Ano: That sounds totally reasonable to me, altough I'm afraid that's an occupation of choice when I can't sleep. Wonder if the tv is a better choice?

    >>Sue: Thank you! Hopefully I will get started on it soon.

    >>Antoinette: Yes I got some sleep in the end and I am taking it really easy today. Luckily the kids are also a bit spent from all the traveling, so we are all just chilling.

  5. Your cornelia skirt is just gorgeous - and all the more fabulous for being sewn out of very difficult fabric.

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