Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The perfect bathing suit

I am very grateful that the Swedish retail chain Lindex had the courtesy of reliving me from the pain of sewing my own bathing suit. This is better than anything I could have ever designed and sewed myself and now I am longing for a very warm summer :)

And the bikini bottoms in the same collection aren't bad either.


  1. Holy cow. If that isn't the CUTEST suit!

  2. That suit is pretty darn awesome. The Burdastyle swimsuit I started last summer is balled up in a corner somewhere, unfinished...

  3. Wow. That is very nice. The details!

  4. OMG those are way too cute! I think sewing definitely gives us a better eye for when things ought to be bought. I'm much more choosy when I actually do shop now, only buying things that I wouldn't want to sew myself, or, like this, are just too perfect already!

  5. Love it! I agree, it is perfect. I would buy it if I hadn't already bought fabric and a vintage pattern to sew my own. Let the UFO guilt ensue. LOL

  6. >> Cidell and Geeksewing: Yes it is! And it's really nicely made too.

    >>Christina: Oh, that retro one that Cidell and Isabelle made? It's to die for, but I don't have the courage to try it out. The assembly seems so tricky.

    >>Melissa: Yes I totally agree, when I buy something nowadays it's much more a deliberate choice, rather than random purchases. BTW I loved the swimsuit you made :)

    >>Antoinette: I have been planning to make a bathing suit forever, but I have to say I was very glad that I didn't have to. But I'll probably give it a try someday.
    Now go make that bathing suit! :) A vintage pattern sounds awesome